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   Name                             While in Doe Lab                             Current Affiliation & Contact Info


Brandon Mark                       Graduate Student                               Postdoctoral Fellow

                                                2015-2020                                          University of Washington

                                                                                                            Tuthill Lab



Tim Warren                           Postdoctoral Fellow                            Assistant Professor

                                                2016-2019                                         Oregon State University

                                                                                                           Faculty Page



Aref Zarin                             Postdoctoral Fellow                            Assistant Professor

                                               2013-20119                                        Texas A&M University

                                                                                                           Faculty Page

                                                                                                           Lab webpage



Emily Sales                          Graduate Student                                Postdoctoral Fellow

                                               2015-2019                                          Vollum Instiute, OHSU

                                                                                                          Gouaux Lab



Luis Sullivan                         Graduate Student                               Postdoctoral Fellow

                                               2015-2019                                          Harvard Medical School

                                                                                                          Corey Harwell Lab



Mubarak H. Syed                 Postdoctoral Fellow                            Assistant Professor

                                              2012-2018                                          University of New Mexico, Department of Biology

                                                                                                          Faculty Page

                                                                                                          Lab Web Page



Arnaldo Carreira-Rosario    Postdoctoral Fellow                            Postdoctoral Fellow

                                             2016-2018                                           Stanford University

                                                                                                         Clandinin Lab



Sonia Sen                           Postdoctoral Fellow                            Postdoctoral Fellow

                                             2016-2018                                          Tata Institute for Genetics and Society (TIGS-India)



Kate Walsh                         Graduate Student                               Postdoctoral Fellow

                                              2013-2017                                          University of Oregon

                                                                                                         Annie Zemper Lab



Matthew Clark                    Graduate Student                               Postdoctoral Fellow

                                             2012-2017                                           California Institute of Technology

                                                                                                         Dickinson Lab


Dylan Farnsworth               Graduate Student                               Postdoctoral Fellow

                                              2013-2016                                          University of Oregon

                                                                                                         Miller Lab



Ellie Heckscher                   Postdoctoral Fellow                            Assistant Professor

                                              2007-2015                                          University of Chicago

                                                                                                         Department of Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology

                                                                                                         Faculty Page



Tasha Joy                           Graduate Student                               Research Associate

                                              2012-2014                                           abcam



Travis Carney                     Graduate Student                               Postdoctoral Fellow

                                              2008-2014                                          Max Planck Inst for Biophysical Chemistry

                                                                                                          Gene Expression and Signaling Group

                                                                                                          H. Shcherbata Group



Minoree Kohwi                    Postdoctoral Fellow                            Assistant Professor

                                              2006-2014                                          Columbia University

                                                                                                          Department of Neuroscience

                                                                                                          Faculty Page



Omer Ali Bayraktar             Graduate Student                               Group Leader

                                             2009-2013                                           Wellcome Sanger Institute

                                                                                                         Cellular Genetics

                                                                                                         Group page



Alicia Estacio-Gómez         Visiting Research Scholar                   Postdoctoral Fellow

                                            2013                                                     Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

                                                                                                          Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa

                                                                                                          Fernando Jiménez Díaz-Benjumea Group



Mike Miller                          Graduate Student                               Assistant Professor

                                             2007-2012                                           Population/Quantitative Genetics/Genomics

                                                                                                          Department of Animal Science

                                                                                                          University of California, Davis




Yan Yan                              Postdoctoral Fellow                            Assistant Professor

                                             2010-2012                                           Division of Life Sciences

                                                                                                          Hong Kong Univ of Science & Technology

                                                                                                          Lab Website



Chris Johnston                   Postdoctoral Fellow                             Associate Professor

                                             2007-2012                                           University of New Mexico, Dept. of Biology

                                                                                                         Lab Website



Ryan Andersen                  Graduate Student                                Application Scientist

                                             2006-2011                                           Kberg Consulting

                                                                                                         Raleigh NC


Clemens Cabernard           Postdoctoral Fellow                            Assistant Professor

                                             2006-2011                                           University of Washington

                                                                                                         Department of Biology

                                                                                                         Faculty Page



Khoa Tran                          Graduate Student                                Research and Development

                                             2006-2010                                           Lions VisionGift

                                                                                                         Portland, OR




Mike Cleary                        Postdoctoral Fellow                             Professor

                                             2004-2007                                           University of California, Merced

                                                                                                         School of Natural Sciences

                                                                                                         Lab Website



Amanda Marusich              High School/Undergrad                      Director R&D, DxDiscovery, Inc.

                                             2004-2006                                           Reno, Nevada



Yves Chabu                       Graduate Student                                Assistant Professor

                                             2003-2008                                           University of Missouri

                                                                                                         Faculty page



Jason Boone                      Graduate Student                               Research Scientist, Vice President

                                             2002-2008                                           Floragenex



Ruth Grosskortenhaus       Postdoctoral Fellow                            Light Microscopy Facility Tech

 (Hans)                                 2002-2006                                           University of Dresden (TU-Dresden)



Cheng-Yu Lee                    Postdoctoral Fellow                             Research Associate Professor

                                             2002-2006                                           University of Michigan

                                                                                                         C-Y Lee Lab Website



Melissa Rolls                      Postdoctoral Fellow                             Professor, Chair MCIB Program

                                             2002-2007                                           Penn State University

                                                                                                         Center for Cellular Dynamics (CCD)

                                                                                                         Rolls Lab Web Site



Michael Layden                  Graduate Student                               Assistant Professor

                                             2001-2008                                           Lehigh University

                                                                                                         Faculty Page

                                                                                                         Layden Lab website



Hsin-Pei Shih                     Postdoctoral Fellow                             Research Scientist

                                             2001-2003                                           Vertex Pharmaceuticals

                                                                                                         Cambridge, MA


Bret Pearson                      Graduate Student                                Associate Professor of Molecular Genetics

                                             2000-2005                                           University Toronto

                                                                                                         Pearson Lab Website



Sarah Siegrist                    Graduate Student                                Assistant Professor of Biology

                                             2000-2006                                           University of Virginia

                                                                                                         Faculty Page

                                                                                                         Siegrist Lab Website




Karsten Siller                      Graduate Student                               Computational Research Consultant

                                             2000-2006                                           Advanced Research Computing Services

                                                                                                         University of Virginia

                                                                                                         Faculty Page



Roger Albertson                 Graduate Student                                Associate Professor of Biology

                                             1999-2003                                            Albion College

                                                                                                          Faculty page



Marc Freeman                    Postdoctral Fellow                              Director and Senior Scientist

                                             1999-2004                                           Vollum Institute

                                                                                                         Oregon Health & Science University

                                                                                                         Faculty page



Joanne Odden                   Graduate Student                                Associate Professor

                                             1999-2006                                           Pacific University Oregon

                                                                                                         Faculty Page



Sal Fuerstenberg               Postdoctoral Fellow                             IP Analyst

                                             1997-2001                                           Eureka Therapeutics, Inc.



Tonia von Ohlen                 Postdoctoral Fellow                            Research Assistant Professor

                                             1997-2003                                           K-State College of Veterinary Medicine



Andy Zelhof                        Postdoctoral Fellow                            Associate Professor of Biology

                                             1997-2000                                           Indiana University, Bloomington

                                                                                                         Faculty Page



Takako Isshiki                     Postdoctoral Fellow                            License Associate

                                             1996-2001                                           Toyko, Japan



Rachel Karcavich               Graduate Student                               Formerly Postdoctoral Fellow

 (Favors)                               1996-2001                                           Indiana University-Purdue University, IN

                                                                                                         Currently raising children in Indianapolis


Chian-Yu Peng                   Graduate Student                               Research Assistant Professor

                                             1995-2001                                           Northwestern University, Faculty Profile



Kate O'Connor-Giles          Graduate Student                               Assistant Professor

                                             1994-1995                                           University of Wisconsin, Madison

                                                                                                         O'Connor-Giles Lab Website



Aloisia Schmid                    Postdoctoral Fellow                            Visiting Professor

                                             1994-1999                                           Northeastern University, College of Science


Jim Skeath                         Postdoctoral Fellow                            Professor

                                             1994-1997                                           Washington University

                                                                                                         Skeath Lab Webpage



Jocelyn McDonald             Graduate Student                                Associate Professor

                                             1993-1998                                           Kansas State University

                                                                                                         Faculty Page



Julie Broadus (Meigs)        Graduate Student                               Intellectual Property Lawyer

                                             1991-1996                                           Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice


Quynh Chu-LaGraff            Postdoctoral Fellow                            Professor of Biological Sciences,

                                                                                                         Director of Neuroscience

                                                                                                         Faculty Page

                                             1991-1996                                           Union College



Eric P. Spana                     Postdoctoral Fellow                             Associate Professor

                                             1995-1996                                           Duke University, Model System Genomics

                                                                                                         Faculty Page



Eric P. Spana                     Graduate Student                               See above



Xuan (Steven) Cui             Graduate Student                                Intellectual Property Lawyer

                                             1990-1995                                           Jun He Law Offices








Undergraduates continuing research

Amanda Burnham-Marusich     Undergraduate                                   Principal Scientist

                                                    2004                                                     University of Nevada School of Medicine,

                                                                                                                 DxDiscovery, Inc.


Caitlin Gamble                          Undergraduate                                    PhD Candidate, Fields Lab

                                                    2004 - 2006                                         University of Washington



Marco Horb                               Undergraduate                                    Director of National Xenopus Resource, MBL

                                                    1993 - 1995                                         The Marine Biological Laboratory, MBL

                                                                                                                 Horb Lab Website

                                                                                                                 MBL Press Release



Jason Kroll                                Undergraduate                                   Postdoctoral Fellow, Jeroen van Zon lab

                                                     2005 - 2010                                         FOM Institute AMOLF, Amsterdam The Netherlands,



Josh Lupton                              Undergraduate                                    Medical Resident, Oregon Health and Science Univ.

                                                     2008 - 2011


Maria Purice                             Undergraduate                                    Postdoctoral Fellow,

                                                     2007 - 2010                                          St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


Jessica Osterhout                     Undergraduate                                    Posdotoral Fellow, Catherine Dulac Lab

                                                      2007 - 2010                                         Harvard University 

Undergraduate, High School, Middle School and others

mentored or who were associated with the Doe Lab

Kristi Alderman

Murat Alp

Emily Armstrong-Buck

David Bauer

Alysha Bennett

Carin Berg

Emily Blum

Sergi Bogdanov

Kendra Bolt

Laura Breshears

Lacie Brounstein

Rashika Budhathoki

Claire Bui

Mars Cantrell

Sarah Cheesman

Evan Cope

Joe Cote

Ryan Dalton

Leah DeBlander

Phuong Nam Doan

Casey Doe

Cooper Doe

Rob Duncan

Anna Dyukareva

Amanda Evans

Caitlin Gamble

Taryn Gillis

Johnathan Griffin

Melany Haggard

Troy Hammond

Robel Haile

Corwin Hanna

Ashley Harris-Deutch

Kris Henderson

Astra Henner

Laurel Hiebert

Scott Holbrook

Tiffany Hor

Patrick Johnson

Jenna Kangiser

Taylor Kaser

Jimmy Kelly

Trish Khuu

Jason Kroll

Joleah Lamb



Tallon Lamoreaux

Dalton Lee

Karen Lolans

Sereno Lopez

Cassie Luckenbaugh

Josh Lupton

Rosa Martinez

Amanda Marusich

Jochen Maurer

Jessica McKay

Stephanie McCumsey

Kyle Mears

Carolina Mendoza

Blaine Minton

Abolade Majekobaje

Ejike Nwokocha

Casey Okami-Watanabe

Jessica Osterhout (Sewell)

Michael Parappilly

Jill Pollard

Maria Purice

Rebekah Rashford

Alice Rear

Andrew Reichold

Jourdain Roberts

Kristin Robinson

Victoria Robinson

Paul Rogers

Erin Ross

Dusty Saker

Christine Saseun

Stephan Schneider

Susie Shrimpton

Michael Spinner

Marie Strader

Serena Sweet

Stephanie Tanner

Helen Tauc

Gabrielle Thompson

Noelle van Rysselberghe

Patrick Brit Ventura

Bret Wee

Allison Wilbur

Vanessa Williams

Ryan Wiser



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